Dating events for ambitious & passionate singles

For professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners & ambitious and dedicated individuals

We launched our dating events for those wanting to make the time to find that special someone beyond their hectic, busy schedules.

Matchmaker, The Single Boss

Meet, Greet, Chat & Mingle

The Single Boss Events are tailored for business-minded individuals with passion, who are looking to date someone on their wavelength.


The Single Boss is a great space to hang out and meet new people. Make new friends, business connections or a new partner.

These Singles Events are where you want to come for a few hours of mingling and relaxing. Meet like minded people who take work, creativity, risk and reward seriously.

The Single Boss runs inspirational events where you can meet like-minded people. I've left every event with a wider network of contacts for both work and socialising.

- Kate

It stands apart from other dating events by bringing together a really interesting set of people and providing intellectual stimulation with talks and themes.

It can be a boost for your business too, as well as providing a topic for starting conversations. 

- Ahmad

The Single Boss events are packed with excitement, laughter, charisma and above all else, the sheer charm that our members and guests always bring to every event.

Host and Founder, The Single Boss

"We knew it was time to bring back the sparkle into the life of the over-worked Entrepreneur." 

Eric Balmer
Richard, Host and Matchmaker

Dating events for ambitious & passionate singles

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